The Chattanooga, TN singer/songwriter/producer Chris Bloom holds a fluidity in genres from R&B and Hip-hop, to pop and acoustic influences with his three first singles, Learning Curve, Petals and Fast. Born Christopher Burkich, he grew up in a household where all types of music were celebrated. This allowed him to be a comfortable writer with a distinct voice while being able to easily change direction stylistically at any given point in his music. Just turning 21 years old, Bloom is a complete musical artist: a highly expressive singer with a humble voice. His sweet vocal crooning provides a timeless sound that resonates across ages and demographics.

So far his music has been very well-received, garnering organic playlist pick ups without any real push — over 500k streams so far. Separately, he also produced and featured on a record by Scotty Sire in 2018, “Cut Me Out”, which has over a 1/2 million streams itself. Set to release his first EP, chiefly self-produced and written by Bloom, entitled “Questions and Confessions” on Feb. 1st, which is the first date of the sold out national 11 city / 13 show tour he is featuring on. He is managed by Brandon Aristotle @ Bx2 Entertainment.